Exclude large waterbodies


Hello Magnus,

Perhaps, you remember my e-mail about using google charts for maps (more than seven years so I don't blame you if you don't remember). Since then I've developed an alternative using mapbox and shapefiles. See http://mapboxutil.technetium.be. When searching for up to date shapefiles I found this site. I'd like to compliment for this great site.

So far the praise part, now the Idea.

You have already an option to exclude water parts. According to me only the sea parts gets excluded and not the large lakes. This gives an unfamiliar polygon for the dutch provinces bordering the IJselmeer. Also in Swedish maps Vänern and Vättern are often not included. See for example: https://cdn2.project-gc.com/dimages/ps_map.php?mapHash=9b416a72a820d1118671b2b090b70185

So my request is to have an option to also remove large water bodies from the border polygons. I understand this will lead to more complex polygons and more and complex calculations to generate them. If you need any help with this please ask.