Representation of "admin_level 10" regions in a distinguishable way

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It would be nice, if regions with boundaries of admin_level 10 could be visualized in a distinguishable way. If displayed in different colors or outlined, the user would be able to see the boundaries between the level-10-regions.

Thanks for your work.


Are you looking for each level 10 polygon to have different colors from each other? If so that sounds like something that would be relevant for all other levels as well. We could potentially build a mode where the colors of the polygons are random from a set of 10-20 colors. We probably won't be able to guarantee that two neighboring polygons will get different colors though, that would increase the amount of work quite much.

If it was just that you didn't like that administrative level 10 was gray, that has been fixed. It was actually a bug. We had an array of 10 colors where we were supposed to use one color per administrative level. The first color wasn't used though, and therefore the last color was gray. We have now updated our color array, to completely new colors actually.


Thanks for fixing the problem & thanks for your comment.

Right now, I can see the regions in a light blue color and (more importantly) with dark blue borders. My problem was, that the boundary between two adjacent admin_level 10 regions wasn't displayed.

My problem is solved. (BTW: I'm seteahconnoc.)

Greetings to the community.

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