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The documentation at https://osm-boundaries.com/Documentation mentions what's imported. As can be seen at https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/88078 , the relation 88078 has boundary=ceremonial. This is not something that's imported as it works today.

Importing it wouldn't be the biggest issue in itself, but it would ruin the tree view a bit more. The focus is on administrative boundaries. Ceremonial wasn't in the original plan.

In total there are 40 ceremonial boundaries in the whole OSM database. Only two of them have an admin_level set for example. Importing these 40 is something we can consider for future database imports. The case is pretty similar to the fact that we have added boundary=disputed for example, so it's definitely something that's reasonable to add.

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Thank you for your reply. Can see why its not showing now, sorry should of read the documentation first. 

I only and only needed a few areas (South Yorkshire, Merseyside, Tyne and Wear) for my project , so just exported the sub areas making up those areas, imported into QGIS and dissolved them down to get what I needed.

Thank you for provided this service.